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What I do:

  1. Robot learning research at UC Berkeley (PhD expected fall 2021).
  2. Write high-signal content on the internet on AI, robotics, and my interests (See below).
  3. Nerd out on training, longevity, and what it means to be alive.

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Where you will find me:

  1. High signal writing: my Substack on AI…

The acrobatic dance videos are flashy, but what are the actual technical breakthroughs? What is happening to the Korean robotics industry?

The robotics company that has a knack for viral technology videos showcasing little things robots can do, parkour, bullying robots, and more. A central tenet of Boston Dynamics is the idea of athletic intelligence — movement patterns that are robust, flexible, and maybe even human. These videos and technologies have…

Multi-agent scenarios make reward maximization a risk. Discussing when, rather than if, we should believe in the Reward Hypothesis.

Dopamine (below) is central to human experience. It is known to be involved in feeling a current pleasure — that is something you are experiencing and enjoying. Dopamine also plays a crucial role in predicting a future please — that is done in planning by releasing the same feeling of…

Thoughts and Theory

I make the case why people iteratively training any model should learn some core concerns of reinforcement learning.

Thought exercise

Consider these examples of an ML problem that has across-time effects on its models. This time-dependent function of reinforcement learning is where most of the “core pieces”(below) will emerge.

Consider a system that is trying to reduce the churn (ended subscriptions) of a paid online membership. Such a company could…

Nathan Lambert

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