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Nathan Lambert
2 min readJan 9, 2021

What I do:

  1. Robot learning research at UC Berkeley (PhD expected fall 2021).
  2. Write high-signal content on the internet on AI, robotics, and my interests (See below).
  3. Nerd out on training, longevity, and what it means to be alive.

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Where you will find me:

  1. High signal writing: my Substack on AI, robotics, and automation
  2. Twitter for the knowledge graph @natolambert.
  3. Medium is where some of my ideas from the first two end up. It works, but the material will be slightly delayed.

Some of my popular articles:

  1. Crisp python plots based on visualization theory — an introduction to making your plots tell a fuller story.
  2. How top CS students problem solve — reflections on how the best students I have taught AI to think.
  3. Three introductions to reinforcement learning (RL) — 3 skills to master, how to start learning (code & math), and gists of deep RL algorithms.
  4. A series on the fundamentals of reinforcement learning (1, 2, 3, 4).

My messages are always open on twitter, or comment below!

Other articles:

AI Startups & Companies:




Deep RL Case Studies:


  1. Automating Code with Machine Intelligence,
  2. Baselines in Reinforcement Learning Research,
  3. Bias-Variance Tradeoff — Fundamentals of Machine Learning,
  4. Recommender systems: value-alignment, reinforcement learning, and ethics,
  5. AI & Arbitration of Truth.



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